The Day of Purity - Who Supports it & What is Its Importance on Valentine's Day



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The Day of Purity is an opportunity to demonstrate respect for conventional marriage and an opportunity for students to show America that they are prepared to advocate for physical purity and conventional marriage. Millions of Americans desire a culture that values physical purity and traditional marriages. America is not without moral issues, but the level of moral depravity depicted by the media, omegle video chat and written by judges who have departed from our country's moral ideals is not an honest representation of our nation's current status."

It is critical to realize that various groups exist throughout America dedicated to assisting young people in being physically clean until marriage. This Day of Purity aims to assist in a similar manner. It is the Day of Purity, a day set aside each year for students in America who believe that youngsters should strive to maintain their physical purity until marriage. The Day of Purity will be observed on the Friday preceding Valentine's Day this year.

What is the reason we observe Valentine's Day?

Was Valentine's Day inspired by a celebration, an execution, or even a poem? The historians aren't certain.

The earliest possible story of the origin that could be the basis for Valentine's Day is the pagan holiday Lupercalia. Men would dress without clothes and sacrifice goats and a dog. Young boys would then grab strips of hide left over from the animal sacrifices and use them to beat young women to encourage fertility.

Lupercalia was well-known and was one of the only pagan festivals that were still observed more than 150 years later. Christianity was made legal during the Roman Empire.

Roman paganism came together to create the modern association of Valentine's Day with love

In the middle ages, poets and Roman paganism came together to create the modern association of Valentine's Day with love, romance, and relationships. However, fundamentalist Christians reclaiming the occasion to promote the religion of right has added another chapter to the long history.

What does it mean to keep the marriage bed pure? Well, it begins with purity of the mind. How are you doing when it comes to guarding that which you allow to enter your mind? We are inundated with so much garbage through the media these days. And as they say, garbage in, garbage out. But purity means being careful about what television or movies we consume. Just because a new show looks really good does not mean that it is good for us. It also means having safeguards when it comes to the web.

Who supports the day of purity?

Hundreds of Teenagers Now Plan to Make Valentine’s a ‘Day of Purity’.

One of the best-known abstinence promoters, True Love Waits of Nashville, says about 2.5 million teens have signed its pledge cards, which state in part: “I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my future mate and my future children to be physically abstinent from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship.”

10 Important points about day of purity

Liberty Counsel has announced the launch of a new national initiative named "The Day of Purity." The Day of Purity was founded three years ago by Liberty Counsel, an Orlando-based Christian law company.

Liberty Counsel is pushing students to make a public declaration of their commitment to purity. The annual Day of Purity is a campaign in which students are encouraged to wear white on February 12 to openly promote abstinence and motivate other young people to save physical intimacy until marriage.

In 2003, the Liberty Counsel, a powerful rightwing Christian organization in the United States, rebranded 14 February as the Day of Purity.

The Day of Purity has now arrived in the United Kingdom.

The most romantic way to commemorate February 14 is to declare it a "Day of Purity" and commit to remaining virgin until marriage.

It's critical to recognize the hundreds of groups across America dedicated to assisting students in maintaining physical purity until marriage.

The Romans, not the Christian saint (or saints) who named the day, were responsible for its relationship with love. The Roman goddess of marriage and women, Juno Fructifier, had a feast day on February 14. The holiday in Rome began with the grotto at the foot of Palatine Hill, where Romulus and Remus were said to have been suckled by a she-wolf. It was here that a goat was sacrificed and young men known as Luperci were clad in its skin before smacking girls and women with goat skin strips to secure their fertility.

Despite the stale and insincere nature of the commercial products, Valentine's Day remains an important platform for expressing intimate beliefs, whether they are the right-wing religious community's prescribed views or the more prevalent attitudes depicted by the commercial things. After the death of the third century martyrs whose names were added to the date, the feast gained new meaning and is still debated.

There are many Scriptures which speak to the importance of purity, but one of the best and most concise is Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the culprit and all the physically immoral.”

The United States has the greatest prevalence of teen pregnancy among developed countries, with over three million std infections each year. Rena Lindevaldsen, international organizer for the Day of Purity, claims that 20% of the 1.3 million abortions conducted annually in the US are on minors. Therefore, the day of purity has become really important.

When Pope Gelasius was elected in the fifth century, the pope ended Lupercalia. In the following year there was a decision by the Catholic church declaring the 14th of February to be the day to feast and be celebrated.

Final thought on the Day of Purity

"The necessity of"the Day of Purity is self-evident given that conventional marriage and physical purity are under threat in America. Today's youth are inundated with messages & omegle chat implying that physical promiscuity is a sin. Students are encouraged to begin physical activity as children and to experiment with their physical inclinations. physically explicit images are readily available on every workstation due to simple access to non ethical content.

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